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Worst, E. G., Exner, M. P., De Simone, A., Schenkelberger, M., Noireaux, V., Budisa, N. and et al. - Residue-specific Incorporation of Noncanonical Amino Acids into Model Proteins Using an Escherichia coli Cell-free Transcription-translation System. J. Vis. Exp., 114, e54273 (2016)

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Völler J.-S., Biava, H., Hildebrandt, P. and Budisa, N. - An expanded genetic code for probing the role of electrostatics in enzyme catalysis by vibrational Stark spectroscopy. Biochim. Biophys. Acta, [Epub ahead of print] (2017)

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Völler, J.-S., Dulic, M., Gerling-Driessen, U. I. M., Biava, H., Baumann, T., Budisa, N., Gruic-Sovulj, I. and Koksch, B. - Discovery and Investigation of Natural Editing Function against Artificial Amino Acids in Protein Translation. ACS Cent. Sci. [Publication Prize of German Chemical Society - Fluorine Chemistry 2017], 3, 73 - 80 (2017)

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Völler, J.-S., Hoesl, M. G. and Budisa, N. - Künstliche Evolution des genetischen Codes von Mikroorganismen (in German). BIOspektrum, 2017 (21. Jahrgang), 146-149 (2017)

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Völler, J.-S. and Budisa, N. - Coupling genetic code expansion and metabolic engineering for synthetic cells. Curr. Op. Biotechnol., 48, 1-7 (2017)

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Völler, J.-S., To, T., Biava, H., Koksch, B. and Budisa, N. - Global substitution of hemeproteins with noncanonical amino acids in Escherichia coli with intact cofactor maturation machinery. Enzyme Microb. Technol., 106, 55 - 59 (2017)

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Schumacher, D., Lemke, O., Helma, J., Gerszonowicz, L., Waller, V., Stoschek, T., Durkin, P. M., Budisa, N., Leonhardt, H., Keller, B. and Hackenberger, C. - Broad substrate tolerance of tubulin tyrosine ligase enables one-step site-specific enzymatic protein labeling. Chem. Sci. [Edge Article], 8, 3471-3478 (2017)

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Schneider, T., Martin, J., Durkin, P. M., Kubyshkin, V. and Budisa, N. - The regioselective synthesis of o-nitrobenzyl DOPA derivatives. SYNTHESIS, 49, 2691-2699 (2017)

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Schmidt, M., Pei, L. and Budisa, N. - Xenobiology: State-of-the-art, Ethics and Philosophy of new-to-nature organisms. Adv. Biochem. Eng. Biotechnol., 2017, 1-15 (2017)

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Mykhailiuk, P., Kishko, I., Kubyshkin, V., Budisa, N. and Cossy, J. - Selective 19F-labeling of functionalized carboxylic acids with difluoromethyl diazomethane (CF2HCHN2)​. Chem. Eur. J. [highlighted by cover page / Epub ahead of print], (2017)

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Mykhailiuk, P., Kubyshkin, V., Bach, T. and Budisa, N. - A peptidyl-prolyl model study: How does the electronic effect influence the amide bond conformation?. J. Org. Chem. [highlighted by cover page], 82, 8831 - 8841 (2017)

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Ma, Y., di Salvo, M. L. and Budisa, N. - Self-directed in cell Production of Methionine Analogue Azidohomoalanine by Synthetic Metabolism and its Incorporation into Model Proteins. Book chapter in Springer Protocols - Methods in Molecular Biology, 2017 (Forthcoming)


Kubyshkin, V. and Budisa, N. - Amide rotation trajectories probed by symmetry. Org. Biomol. Chem., 15, 6764 - 6772 (2017)

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