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Budisa, N., Larregola, M., Pineda, M. Schickert M. (2011). „Bioadhesive Congenere von Muschelflussproteinen"; AZ:11095HPV/TU Berlin.
Budisa, N., Royter, M., Grote, R.,  Wiltschi, B.,  Antranikian, G. (2010). Lipase congeners with enhanced substrate access. (TuTech Innovation GmbH, TUHH; EP10177742.3).
Budisa, N., Merkel, L., Cheburkin, Y., Knyazev, P., Ullrich, A. and B. Wiltschi (2007). Methods for the production of therapeutic proteins and protein-based drugs with chemically versatile N-terminal configurations. (39954P EP/WWdv. Max Planck Innovations; AZ: 0240-3726 ZLI).
Budisa, N., Minks, C., Alefelder, S., Bae, J.H., Kaiser, J.T., Moroder, L., und R. Huber (2001). Tryptophan analogs in proteins, peptides and peptidic structures. EPA 02-27 1219603 NDN- 050-0079-5276-4
Budisa, N., Minks, C., Huber, R. und L. Moroder (1998). Composition containing peptide that includes amino acid analogue, especially thio-proline – used for delivery of active analogues, e.g. for cancer therapy, provides targeting and reduction in dose and side effects. DE17924670-A1; AU9885363-A; EP998487-A2: WO9856824-A2

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