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T. Schneider (2019). Photo-protection of metal chelating aromatic amino acids and their synthesis by alkylation with malonates. PhD Thesis, TU Berlin.
J. Nickling (2019). Chemical, chemoenzymatic and ribosomally expressed bioorthogonal modifications of peptides and proteins. PhD Thesis, TU Berlin.
M. Wang (2017). Proteome characterization of Escherichia coli cells evolved to tolerate elongation factor P deletion. PhD Thesis, TU Berlin.
B. P. Noichl (2017). Synthesis of fluorescent 7-azatryptophan derivatives and their incorporation into model peptides: Investigation of their spectroscopic and structural properties. PhD Thesis (in German), TU Berlin.
M. Hauf (2017). Genetically Encoded Amino Acid-based Photocages and Spectral Probes for the Design of Controllable Bioadhesives and Non-invasive Labeling. PhD Thesis, TU Berlin.
Ma, Y. (2016). Metabolic engineering of O-acetyl-L-homoserine sulfhydrylase and Met-biosynthetic pathway in Escherichia coli / Residue-specific chemoselective conjugation on azide functionalized proteins.  PhD Thesis, TU Berlin.
Oehm, S. (2016).  Adaptation of E. coli towards Tryptophan analogue usage. PhD Thesis, TU Berlin.
De Simone, A. (2016). Engineering the genetic code of Escherichia coli with methionine analogues and bioorthogonal amino acids for protein immobilization. PhD Thesis, TU Berlin.
Exner, P. M. (2015). Incorporation of novel non-canonical amino acids in model proteins using rational and evolved variants of Methanosarcina mazei pyrrolysyl-tRNA synthetase. PhD Thesis, TU Berlin.
Bohlke, N. (2014). Protein Engineering and Bioorthogonal Chemistry for Multivalent Scaffold Design Global Reassignment of Rare Codons in the Genetic Code of Escherichia coli. PhD Thesis, TU Berlin. 
Tay, L.-S. (2012). An Analysis of Genetic Alterations of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and the Tyrosine Kinase 2 in Human Cancer Cell Lines (mit Prof. Axel Ullrich) PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Leserer, M. (2012). Untersuchungen zur pathophysiologischen Funktion der G-Protein-vermittelten Transaktivierung des epidermalen Wachstumsfaktor Rezeptors in Tumorzellen (mit Prof. Axel Ullrich) PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Nehring, S. (2011). Kritische Analyse des Verfahrens zur Erweiterung des genetischen Codes in Eukaryoten/Design von Lipase-Kongeneren durch Genetic Code Engineering. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Hösl, M. G. (2011). Expanding the Toolkit of Protein Engineering: Towards Multiple Simultaneous in Vivo Incorporation of Noncanonical Amino Acids. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Acevedo Rocha, C. G. (2010). Genetic Code Engineering with Methionine Analogs for Synthetic Biotechnology. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Wolschner, T. (2009). Methionine Oxidation in Human Prion Protein - Design of Anti- and Pro-Aggregation Variants. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Busche, S. (2008). Regulation of SRF via Rac-Actin-MAL signaling in epithelial cells. PhD Thesis, TU Munich (together with Dr. G. Posern).
Lepthien, S. (2008). In vivo Tandem Labeling of Proteins: Combining Chemical Orthogonality with Intrinsic Blue Fluorescence. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Merkel, L. (2008). Beiträge zur in vivo Proteinbiosynthese unter Verwendung nicht-kanonischen Aminosäuren. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Mikolajka, A. (2007). Functional and Structural Studies of the FGFR1 Oncogene Partner Protein and Biochemical Investigations of the Retinoblastoma Protein and its Binding Partners. PhD Thesis, TU Munich (together with Dr. T. A. Holak).
Kumar, S. (2007). The Role of the Tumor Suppressor Tyrosine Kinase Syk in Glioblastoma and Breast Cancer. PhD Thesis, TU Munich (together with Prof. A. Ullrich).
Pal, P. P. (2006). Expanding the coded repertoire with fluorinated amino acids. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Rubini, M. (2004). Protein Engineering and Design with Non Canonical Amino Acids. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Budisa, N. (2004). Protein Engineering and Design with an expanded amino acid repertoire. Habilitation Thesis, TU Munich.
Bae, J. H. (2002). Studies on tryptophan analogues in proteins. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Minks, C. (1999). In vivo incorporation of non natural amino acids in recombinant proteins. PhD Thesis, TU Munich (in German).
Budisa, N. (1997). Bioincorporation of methionine non-natural amino acids and its use for X-ray crystallographic and folding studies of proteins. PhD Thesis, TU Munich.
Agostini, F. (2018). From enzymatic in vitro and in vivo synthesis of fluorinated amino acids to fluorine-based bacteria. PhD Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin in cooperation with Technische Universität Berlin (Mentors: Prof. Beate Koksch [FU] and Ned Budisa[TU]).
Völler, J.-S. (2016). Activation, Proofreading and Translation of Aliphatic Fluorinated Amino Acids by Class Ia AARSs.Modification of Cytochrome c with Non canonical Amino Acids to Enable Spectroscopic Investigation of Protein States and Local Electric Fields. PhD Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin in cooperation with Technische Universität Berlin (Mentors: Prof. Beate Koksch [FU] and Ned Budisa[TU]).
Heidari, H. R. (2006). Cloning and sequencing of a gene of haloalkaline protease secreted from Salinivibrio sp. strain AF-2004 and its expression in Escherichia coli. PhD Thesis, Teheran University, Iran, Mentor: Prof. A. A. Ziaee (Group Guest: June 01,  2006 - December 01, 2006).
Mulinacci, B. (2004). Synthesis and optimization of new glycopeptides as antigen in auto-antibodies recognition in multiple sclerosis. PhD Thesis, University of Florence, Italy, Mentor: Prof. A. M. Papini (Group Guest: November 01, 2003 - November 30, 2004).
Fabian Schildhauer, Master Thesis, TU Berlin
Alev Dilan Yuvanc, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin 
Duc Anh Nguyen, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin 
Nikolaj Koch Master Thesis, TU Berlin
Hannah Aring, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin 
Adnan Joe Mahmoud, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin 
Nico Chem Brüssow, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin 
Wadschma Naderi, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin 
Christin Treiber, Master Thesis, TU Berlin
Jonas Z. E. Hollemann, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Almut Pelzer, Diplomarbeit, TU Berlin
Robert Kaml, Master Thesis, TU Berlin
Markus Moldehauer, Master Thesis, TU Berlin
Netsanet Ayalew Tezera, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Sebastian Worms, Master Thesis, Université Catholique de Louvain
Hannes Hirschmeier, Master Thesis, Universität Leipzig
Anna Marta Koczula, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Mariam Hammoud, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin 
Isabella Tolle, Master Thesis, Universität Konstanz
Richard Bernitzky, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Lev Schliemann, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Tuyet-Mai To Thi, Master Thesis, TU Berlin
Mathias Sackel, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Christine Treiber, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Fabian Schildhauer, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Ricarda Wiehe, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Jin-Wook Song, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Marcus Moldenhauer, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Mohammed Amin, Master Thesis, TU Berlin
Manzour Ellahi Majid, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Saba Nojoumi, Master Thesis, TU Berlin
Willi Hauck, Diplomarbeit, TU Berlin
Zheni Palyancheva, Diplomarbeit, TU Berlin
Stefania Oliverio, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Nicole Katrin Jäger, Diplomarbeit, TU Berlin
Björn Bollmann, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Johann Bauerfeind, Bachelor Thesis, HTW Berlin
Tuyet-Mai To Thi, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Benjamin Noichl, Diplomarbeit, TU Berlin
Maximilian  Andreas Pfister, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Adelheid Walther, Bachelor Thesis, TU Berlin
Clemens Zaengel, Diplomarbeit, RWTH Aachen
Juliane Ziegler, Diplomarbeit, Uni Halle
Federica Agostini, Master Thesis, Universita Degli Studi di Firenze
Alejandra De Miguel Catalina, Master Thesis, TU Berlin
Lena Strube, Bachelor Thesis, FH Biberach
Christian Böhm, Bachelor Thesis, TU Munich
Franziska Hentzschel, Bachelor Thesis, TU Munich
Melina Schauer, Bachelor Thesis, FH Aalen
Carolin Endler, Bachelor Thesis, FH Aalen
Haissi Cui, Bachelor Thesis, TU Munich
Julia Adam, Diplomarbeit, Hochschule München
Anna-Skrollan Geiermann, Master Thesis, TU Munich
Harini Venkataraman, Master Thesis, FH Aachen
Sebastian Nehring, Master Thesis, LMU Munich
Michael Hösl, Master Thesis, TU Munich
Dorothea Matschkal, Bachelor Thesis, LMU Munich
Luisa Sophie Hohlefelder, Bachelor Thesis, TU Munich
Veronika Haslbeck, Bachelor Thesis, TU Munich
Janina Pfaff, Bachelor Thesis, TU Munich
Björn Schröder, Bachelor Thesis, TU Munich
Alexander Ehrmann, Master Thesis, TU Munich
Markus Scheerer, Bachelor Thesis, TU Munich
Petra Bäumler, Bachelor Thesis, TU Munich
Sandra Lepthien, Diploma Thesis, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Olga Pipitone, Diploma Thesis, University of Mailand, Italy
Brenda Benningshof, Diploma Thesis, Leidse Hogeschool, Netherland
Caroline Minks, Diploma Thesis, TU Munich


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