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Publications 2005 - 2009

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Wiltschi, B., Merkel, L. and Budisa, N. - Fine tuning the N-terminal residue excision by methionine analogs [7]. ChemBioChem, 10, 217-220 (2009)

Link to original publication [8]

Budisa, N. and Weitze, M. D. - Den Kode des Lebens erweitern [9]. Spektrum der Wissenschaft, 2009, 42-50 (2009)

Link to original publication [10]

Dong, S. L., Moroder, L. and Budisa, N. - Protein Iodination by Click Chemistry [11]. ChemBioChem, 10, 1149-1151 (2009)

Link to original publication [12]

Wolschner, C., Giese, A., Kretzschmar, H., Huber, R., Moroder, L. and Budisa, N. - Design of anti- and pro-aggregation variants to assess the effects of methionine oxidation in human prion protein [13]. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 106, 7756-7761 (2009)

Link to original publication [14]

Kurschus, F., Pal, P. P., Bäumler, P., Jenne, D. E., Wiltschi, B. and Budisa, N. - Gold Fluorescent Annexin A5 as a Novel Apoptosis Detection Tool [15]. Cytometry Part A, 75, 626-633 (2009)

Link to original publication [16]


Pal, P. P. and Budisa, N. - Engineering green fluorescent proteins using an expanded genetic code [17]. Reviews in Fluorescence 2008. Springer New York, 359-386 (2008)

Link to publication [18] Link to original publication [19]

Merkel, L., Moroder, L. and Budisa - Chemical Protein Engineering: Synthetic and Semisynthetic Peptides and Proteins [20]. Protein Engineering. Springer Verlag, 29-64 (2008)

Link to original publication [21]

Karbalaei-Heidarin, H. R., Ziaee, A. A., Amoozegar, M. A., Cheburkin, Y. and Budisa, N. - Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of a novel zinc-metalloprotease gene from the Salinivibrio sp. strain AF-2004 and its extracellular expression in E. coli [22]. Gene, 408, 196-203 (2008)

Link to original publication [23]

Steiner, T., Hess, P., Bae, J. H., Moroder, L. and Budisa, N. - Synthetic Biology of Proteins: Tuning GFP´s Folding and Stability with Fluoroproline [24]. PLoSONE, 3 (2008)

Link to original publication [25]

Merkel, L., Beckmann, H. S. G., Wittmann, V. and Budisa, N. - Efficient N-terminal Glycoconjugation of Proteins by the N-End Rule [26]. ChemBioChem, 9, 1220-1224 (2008)

Link to original publication [27]

Veetil, S. K., Budisa, N. and Jung, G. - Photostability of Green and Yellow Fluorescent Proteins with fluorinated Chromophores, investigated by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy [28]. Biophys. Chem., 136, 38-43 (2008)

Link to original publication [29]

Azim, M. K. and Budisa, N. - Docking of Tryptophan analogues to Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase; implication for non-natural amino acid incorporation [30]. Biol. Chem., 389, 1173-1182 (2008)

Link to original publication [31]

Dong, S. L., Merkel, L., Musiol, H. J., Budisa, N. and Moroder, L. - Advances in the stereoselective synthesis of Homopropargylglycine [32]. J. Peptide Sci., 14, 49 (2008)

Link to original publication [33]

Dong, S. L., Merkel, L., Moroder, L. and Budisa, N. - Convenient Syntheses of Homopropargylglycine [34]. J. Peptide Sci., 14, 1148-1150 (2008)

Link to original publication [35]

Giese, C., Lepthien, S., Metzner, L., Brandsch, M., Budisa, N. and Lilie, H. - Intracellular uptake and inhibitory activity of aromatic fluorinated amino acids in human breast cancer cells [36]. ChemMedChem, 3, 1449-1456 (2008)

Link to original publication [37]

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