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Publications 2013 - 2015

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Budisa, N. and Schulze-Makuch, D. - Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and its Potential as a Life-Sustaining Solvent in a Planetary Environment [8]. Life, 4, 331-340 (2014)

Link to original publication [9]

Budisa, N., Kubyshkin, V. and Schulze-Makuch, D. - Fluorine-Rich Planetary Environments as Possible Habitats for Life [10]. Life, 4, 374-385 (2014)

Link to original publication [11]

Al Toma, R. S., Kuthning, A., Exner, M. P., Denisiuk, A., Ziegler, J., Budisa, N. and Süssmuth, R. D. - Site-Directed and Global Incorporation of Orthogonal and Isostructural Noncanonical Amino Acids into the Ribosomal Lasso Peptide Capistruin [12]. ChemBioChem, 16, 503-509 (2014)

Link to original publication [13]


Nischan, N., Herce, H., Natale, F., Bohlke, N., Budisa, N., Cardoso, M. C. and Hackenberger, C. P. R. - Covalent Attachment of Cyclic TAT Peptides to GFP Results in Protein Delivery into Live Cells with Immediate Bioavailability [14]. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl., 54, 1950-1953 (2015)

Link to original publication [15]

Nischan, N., Herce, H., Natale, F., Bohlke, N., Budisa, N., Cardoso, M. C. and Hackenberger, C. P. R. - Kovalente Verknüpfung cyclischer TAT-Peptide mit GFP resultiert in der direkten Aufnahme in lebende Zellen mit sofortiger biologischer Verfügbarkeit [16]. Angew. Chem., 127, 1972-1976 (2015)

Link to original publication [17]

Dietz, D., Kubyshkin, V. and Budisa, N. - Applying γ-substituted prolines in the foldon peptide: polarity contradicts preorganization [18]. ChemBioChem, 16, 403-406 (2015)

Link to original publication [19]

Kubyshkin, V., Afonin, S., Kara, S., Budisa, N., Mykhailiuk, P. K. and Ulrich, A. S. - γ-(S)-Trifluoromethyl proline: Evaluation as a structural substitute of proline for solid state 19F-NMR peptide studies [20]. Org. Biomol. Chem., 13, 3171-3181 (2015)

Link to original publication [21]

Budisa, N. and Hümpel, A. - Synthetic Biology: Is a new kind of Biological Engineering emerging? [22]. Third gene technology report: Analysis of a high-tech sector. (2015)

Link to original publication [23]

Völler, J., Biava, H., Koksch, B., Hilderbrandt, P. and Budisa, N. - Orthogonal Translation Meets Electron Transfer: In Vivo Labeling of Cytochrome c for Probing Local Electric Fields [24]. ChemBioChem, 16, 742-745 (2015)

Link to original publication [25]

Budisa, N. - Xenobiologie, künstliches Leben und genetische Firewall [26]. Grenzüberschreitungen - Synthetische Biologie im Dialog. Verlag Karl Alber. (2015)

Link to original publication [27]

Jaric, J. and Budisa, N. - Design of orthogonal pairs for protein translation: selection systems for genetically encoding noncanonical amino acids in E. coli [28]. Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protocols: Cultivation. Springer-Verlag. (2015)

Link to original publication [29]

Mühlberg, M., Hoesl, M. G., Kuehne, C., Dernedde, J., Budisa, N. and Hackenberger, C. P. R. - Orthogonal dual-modification of proteins for the engineering of multivalent protein scaffolds [30]. Beilstein J. Org. Chem, 11, 784–791 (2015)

Link to original publication [31]

Müller-Werkmeister, H. M., Essig, M., Durkin, P., Budisa, N. and Bredenbeck, J. - Towards direct measurement of ultrafast vibrational energy flow in proteins [32]. Ultrafast Phenomena XIX (2015)

Link to original publication

Albrecht, M., Lippach, A., Exner, M. P., Jerbi, J., Springborg, M., Budisa, N. and Wenz, G. - Site-specific conjugation of 8-ethynyl-BODIPY to a protein by [2+3] cycloaddition [33]. Org. Biomol. Chem., 13, 6728-6736 (2015)

Link to original publication [34]

Worst, E. G., Exner, M. P., De Simone, A., Schenkelberger, M., Noireaux, V., Budisa, N. and Ott, A. - Cell-free expression with the toxic amino acid canavanine [35]. Bioorg Med Chem Lett., 25, 3658-3660 (2015)

Link to original publication [36]

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