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Publications 2013 - 2015

Applying γ-substituted prolines in the foldon peptide: polarity contradicts preorganization
Citation key 120.2015.dietz
Author Dietz, D. and Kubyshkin, V. and Budisa, N.
Pages 403-406
Year 2015
DOI 10.1002/cbic.201402654
Journal ChemBioChem
Volume 16
Number 3
Abstract Rational choice of chemical modifications to proline residues allows the preorganization principle to be exploited for more stable assembly of the foldon domain as a tag for trimerization. With systematic knowledge of how chemical and steric variations of the ring substituents affect the relative stabilities of exo and endo puckers, the preorganization principle should then be usable in biotechnologically synthesized foldon mutants and applicable for protein tagging elsewhere.
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