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Boelker, M., Engelhard, M. and Budisa, N. - Diverse Layers of Live [7]. Synthetic Biology Analyzed, 44, 27-50 (2016)

Link to original publication [8]

Husak, A., Noichl, B., Sumanovac-Ramljak, T., Sohora, M., Skalamera, D., Budisa, N. and Basaric, N. - Photochemical formation of quinone methides from peptides containing modified tyrosine [9]. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 14, 10894-10905 (2016)

Link to original publication [10]

Durkin, P. M. and Budisa, N. - Design and Application of Autofluorescent Proteins by Biological Incorporation of Intrinsically Fluorescent Noncanonical Amino Acids [11]. Fluorescent Analogs of Biomolecular Building Blocks -Design and Applications. Wiley, 91 – 124 (2016)

Link to original publication [12]

Baumann, T., Exner, M. P. and Budisa, N. - Orthogonal Protein Translation Using Pyrrolysyl-tRNA Synthetases for Single - and Multiple-Noncanonical Amino Acid Mutagenesis [13]. Adv Biochem Eng Biotechnol. [Epub ahead of print], (2016)

Link to publication [14] Link to original publication [15]

De Simone, A., Hoesl M. G., Acevedo-Rocha, C. G. and Budisa, N. - Towards reassignment of the AUG Methionine codon to two different non-canonical amino acids in bacterial translation [16]. Croatica Chemica Acta, 89 (2016)

Link to original publication [17]

Köhling, S., Exner, M. P., Nojoumi, S., Schiller, J., Budisa, N. and Rademann, J. - Anomeric thiols from unprotected sugars in water for anomeric ligations [18]. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl, in press, (2016)

Link to original publication [19]

Kuthning, A., Durkin, P., Oehm, S., Hoesl, M., Budisa, N. and Süssmuth, R. - Towards Biocontained Cell Factories: An Evolutionarily Adapted Escherichia coli Strain Produces a New-to-nature Bioactive Lantibiotic Containing Thienopyrrole-Alanine [20]. Scientific Reports, (2016)

Link to publication [21] Link to original publication [22]

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