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Schneider, T., Martin, J., Durkin, P. M., Kubyshkin, V. and Budisa, N. - The regioselective synthesis of o-nitrobenzyl DOPA derivatives [8]. SYNTHESIS, 49, 2691-2699 (2017)

Link to publication [9] Link to original publication [10]

Mykhailiuk, P., Kubyshkin, V., Bach, T. and Budisa, N. - A peptidyl-prolyl model study: How does the electronic effect influence the amide bond conformation? [11]. J. Org. Chem. [highlighted by cover page], 82, 8831 - 8841 (2017)

Link to publication [12] Link to original publication [13]

Kubyshkin, V. and Budisa, N. - Hydrolysis, polarity, and conformational impact of C-terminal partially fluorinated ethyl esters in peptide models [14]. Beilstein J. Org. Chem., 2017, 2442-2457 (2017)

Link to original publication [15]

Völler, J.-S., To, T., Biava, H., Koksch, B. and Budisa, N. - Global substitution of hemeproteins with noncanonical amino acids in Escherichia coli with intact cofactor maturation machinery [16]. Enzyme Microb. Technol., 106, 55 - 59 (2017)

Link to original publication [17]

Hauf, M., Richter, F., Schneider, T., Faidt, T., Martins, B. M., Baumann, T., Durkin, P., Dobbek, H., Jacobs, K., Moeglich, A. and Budisa, N. - Photoactivatable mussel-based underwater adhesive proteins by an expanded genetic code [18]. ChemBioChem [highlighted by cover page], 18, 1819 - 1823 (2017)

Link to publication [19] Link to original publication [20]

Exner, M. P., Kuenzl, T., Schwagerus, S., To, T., Ouyang, Z., Hoesl, M. G., Lensen, M. C., Hackenberger, C. P. R., Panke, S. and Budisa, N. - Design of an S-Allylcysteine in situ production and incorporation system based on a novel pyrrolysyl-tRNA synthetase variant [21]. ChemBioChem [highlighted by cover page], 2017, 85–90 (2017)

Link to publication [22] Link to original publication [23]


Worst, E. G., Exner, M. P., De Simone, A., Schenkelberger, M., Noireaux, V., Budisa, N. and et al. - Residue-specific Incorporation of Noncanonical Amino Acids into Model Proteins Using an Escherichia coli Cell-free Transcription-translation System [24]. J. Vis. Exp., 114, e54273 (2016)

Link to original publication [25]

Köhling, S., Exner, M. P., Nojoumi, S., Schiller, J., Budisa, N. and Rademann, J. - One-Pot Synthesis of Unprotected Anomeric Glycosyl Thiols in Water for Glycan Ligation Reactions with Highly Functionalized Sugars [26]. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 55, 15510 - 15514 (2016)

Link to original publication [27]

De Simone, A., Hoesl, M. G. and Budisa, N. - Congeneric lipases with improved catalytic activity and substrate accessibility / Engineering lipases with an expanded genetic code [28]. Applied Biocatalysis - From Fundamental Science to Industrial Applications. Wiley-VCH. (2016)

Link to original publication [29]

Avcilar-Kucukgoze, I., Bartholomäus, A., Cordero Varela, J., Kaml, R., Neubauer, P., Budisa, N. and Ignatova, Z. - Discharging tRNAs: a tug of war between translation and detoxification in Escherichia coli [30]. Nucleic Acids Res., 44, 8324 - 8334 (2016)

Link to publication [31] Link to original publication [32]

Acevedo-Rocha, C. and Budisa, N. - Xenomicrobiology: a roadmap for genetic code engineering [33]. Microb. Biotechnol., 9, 666-676 (2016)

Link to publication [34] Link to original publication [35]

Exner, M. P., Köhling, S., Rivollier, J., Gosling, S., Srivastava, P., Palyancheva, Z. I., Herdewijn, P., Heck, M.-P., Rademann, J. and Budisa, N. - Incorporation of Amino Acids with Long-Chain Terminal Olefins into Proteins [36]. Molecules, 21, 287 (2016)

Link to original publication [37]

Kubyshkin, V. and Budisa, N. - cis–trans-Amide isomerism of the 3,4-dehydroproline residue, the ‘unpuckered’ proline [38]. Beilstein J. Org. Chem., 12, 589–593 (2016)

Link to original publication [39]

Kubyshkin, V., Durkin, P. M. and Budisa, N. - Energetic contribution to both acidity and conformational stability in peptide models [40]. New J. Chem., 40, 5209 - 5220 (2016)

Link to original publication [41]

Engelhard, M., Boelker, M., Budisa, N. and Winter, G. - The New Worlds of Synthetic Biology [42]. Synthetic Biology Analyzed, 44, 1-25 (2016)

Link to original publication [43]

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