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Congeneric lipases with improved catalytic activity and substrate accessibility / Engineering lipases with an expanded genetic code
Zitatschlüssel 141.2016.desimone
Autor De Simone, A. and Hoesl, M. G. and Budisa, N.
Buchtitel Applied Biocatalysis - From Fundamental Science to Industrial Applications
Jahr 2016
ISBN 978-3-527-33669-2
Herausgeber Liese, A. Hilterhaus, Kettling, U. , & G Antranikian
Verlag Wiley-VCH
Zusammenfassung FERMENTATION & DOWNSTREAM PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES Process development tools for fermentations under extreme conditions (ProTool) Development of fully automated integrated bioprocesses in an industrial compatible pilot plant for the production of heterologous enzymes in yeast Application of tailor made porous adsorbents in enzymatic processes In-situ video microscopy for investigation and optimization of protein crystallization in downstream processing Innovative plasma technology for enzyme immobilization New membrane adsorber technology for downstream processing in enzyme production BIOCATALYSIS & BIOTECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTION PROZESSES Biocatalysis in high viscous media COMPASITES: Computer assisted analysis of active centers in proteins Kongeneric lipases with improved catalytic activity and substrate accessibility Biocatalytic exploitation of flavonoids New Bacillus expression systems First SeSaM-mutagenesis kit for evolutionary biocatalyst design Development of a probiotic preserving agent for industrial applications Development of a biotechnological production process for non-natural cyclopeptides - BioPEP Biocatalytic exploitation of flavor enhancing aroma compounds STABLE ENZYMES Enzymatic oxidation systems food and technical applications Preparation of new perhydrolases: Simultaneous enhancement of specific activity of perhydrolases and reduction of hydrolysis activity Nucleases and proteases exhibiting improved properties for molecular preanalytics Stable enzymes for the conversion of high value and uncommon substrates
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