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BiocatalysisResearch Interests:

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Research Interests:

Drug Design (Reprogrammed translation as a route to the diversity of small molecules)

Fluorine Biochemistry (Fluorine as Building Element of Proteins and Proteome)

Biomaterials  (Bioadhesives and complex chemical Surfaces)

Biocatalysis (biocatalytic processes in cellular systems)

Non-invasive markers for spectroscopic methods

Bioorthogonal conjugations (synthetic  chemistry &  in vivo chemistry)

Photobiology - chromophore design (synthetic chemistry & chemistry in vivo)

Biophysics - protein folding and stability (Engineering & Design)

Structural Biology (Markers for Protein X-Ray Crystallography and NMR Spectroscopy)

Metabolic Engineering  (reprograming intracellular amino acid syntheses)

Directed evolution and engineering of bacterial strains

Designer proteins and cells - alternative or novel chemistry of life


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